Dirty Bom

Tasty looking appearance with slight crispy outer- layer, comes with high-quality custard cream within and a thick chocolate finishing with sprinkles of cocoa powder at the top.
Like the sensation of lava custard cream exploding in your mouth? Wait no more, get your hand “dirty” now, come and try it out today!

可喜的外型加上松软又带点脆口的外层,饱满高品质的卡仕达酱内馅 ,表层淋上了浓郁的巧克力酱,再撒上一层厚厚的纯可可粉。浓郁的巧克力酱粘满了握着髒髒炮的手指,一口咬下去就会感受到香又浓的卡仕达内馅引爆而发,,让您感受到幸福和满足感!这就是名副其实的爆浆“髒髒炮”啦!