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Original Cake – Promo Card Campaign

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Terms and conditions

  1. This campaign is organized by TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd “源味本铺”, upon the terms and conditions stipulated herein.
  2. The campaign start from January 2018 to March 2018.
  3. Receive one (1) stamp with EVERY CAKE purchases.
  4. The customer will be entitled to redeem one (1) Free Original Cake for every completed 5-stamps collection in ONE stamp card OR completed 10-stamps to redeem one (1) Free Frozen Chocolate Cake in ONE stamp card. The combination stamp card is not allowed.
  5. Each stamp card is only entitle to one (1) cake redemption. Completed 5-stamps for one (1) Free Original Cake OR completed 10-stamps for one (1) Free Frozen Chocolate Cake.
  6. Stamp and Stamp card has no cash value. Stamp card must be surrendered upon redemption and cannot be combined with any other promotion and discounts.
  7. Upon redemption, the customer Personal Details (Name, Email Address, and Mobile Number) MUST be fill up on the stamp card for every cake redemption.
  8. Fails to submit the relevant personal details, the participation shall stand forfeited and no redemption shall be entertained in this regard.
  9. This stamp card campaign is not applicable to any pre-ordered purchase.
  10. For any bulk purchase 30 cakes and above, the maximum cake redemption are limit to Five (5) cakes (either Original cake or Frozen Chocolate cake). E.g. Customer purchase 30 cakes in a single receipt, the customer get to redeem maximum of 5 free cake in a goal (Original Cake or Frozen Chocolate Cake).
  11. Lost of stolen stamp card cannot be replaced. Damaged, altered, modified, or photocopies of Stamp and Stamp Card are void and cannot be replaced or exchanged.
  12. TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd is not responsible for any unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use of this Stamp Card.
  13. This Stamp Card campaign applicable to all TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd Malaysia outlets only. Excludes overseas country.
  14. TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd “源味本铺” will not entertain any request for change or cancellation of the order once the receipt is issued.
  15. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.
  16. By participate in this campaign, you hereby agree that TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd may collect, obtain, store and process your personal data that you provided in this campaign for receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing mail or materials from TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd. You hereby give your consent to TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 to:-
  1. Store and process your personal data.  
  2. Disclose your personal data to the relevant governmental authorities where required by law or for legal purpose.
  1. The company reserves the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time and without notification, for this reason please review our current Terms & Conditions as displayed on the website from time to time.
  2. TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd “源味本铺” reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or end the promotion earlier than the promotion period aforementioned.
  3. By participating in this Stamp Card campaign, you agree to be bound by these purchase terms and conditions.



  1. 这个优惠由“源味本铺”TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd 举办.
  2. 优惠期是由2018年1月至2018年3月.
  3. 每一个购买的蛋糕将会得到一个印章.
  4. 每完成收集5个印章在同一张印章卡, 顾客将能兑换一个免费的原味蛋糕又或者顾客能选择完成收集10个印章

在同一张印章卡以兑换一个免费的冷冻巧克力蛋糕. 组合印章卡是不允许的.

  1. 每一张印章卡只能兑换一个蛋糕, 完成收集5个印章在同一张印章卡以兑换一个免费的原味蛋糕或者完成收集10


  1. 印章和印章卡没有任何的现金价值, 印章卡必需在兑换蛋糕同时交回给主办商.
  2. 在兑换蛋糕时, 顾客必需填写个人资料于印章卡上 (姓名, 电子邮件地址和手机电话号码).
  3. 如果参加者未能提交完整的相关个人资料, 参赛资格将被取消. 任何上诉或兑换将不受理.
  4. 此收集印章卡活动不适用于任何预购的订单.
  5. 任何的大量购买订单30个蛋糕以上, 最多可兑换的蛋糕只限于5个蛋糕 (原味蛋糕或者冷冻巧克力蛋糕).

例子:顾客在同一张订单购买了30个蛋糕. 顾客最多只能用五(5) 张完成收集的印章卡兑换免费的蛋糕.

  1. 遗失的印章卡不能被替换, 任何印章和印章的损坏, 涂改, 修改或复印件都是无效的, 不能替换或交换.
  2. TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd不对任何未经授权, 欺骗, 欺诈或非法使用此印章卡负责.
  3. 此收集印章卡活动只限于TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd 位于马来西亚的分店。不包括其它海外的国家.
  4. 一旦购买收据发出, TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd “源味本铺”将不受理任何要求更改或取消订单的请求.
  5. 所有图片仅供参考。 实际产品可能因产品改进而有所不同.
  6. 通过参加此活动, 您同意TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd可以收集, 获取, 存储和处理您在本次活动中所提供的个人资料,

以便您能收到来自TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd的更新, 新闻, 促销, 营销邮件或资料. 您在此同意

TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd根据2010年个人资料保护法令:

  1. 存储和处理您的个人资料.  b. 在法律要求或合法目的的情况下, 将您的个人资料披露给有关的政府部门.
  2. 公司保留随时更新这些条款与条件的权利, 恕不另行通知. 因此, 请查阅我们在网站上显示的活动条款与条件.
  3. TW ORIGINAL CAKE SDN BHD有权在不事先通知的情况下延长, 修改或终止此竞赛活动.
  4. 通过参加此收集印章活动,您同意接受以上所有活动条款和条件的约束.


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