Fly Me To Taiwan

“Fly Me To Taiwan Campaign”

“Fly Me To Taiwan” <Win a Deluxe Taiwan Trip For Two>

How to participate:
Step 1: Share this post (refer to post pin on 源味本铺Original Cake FB page) and write your best caption “I love Original Cake because……” (not more than 30 words

Step 2: Hashtag #ILoveOriginalCake

Step 3: Tag @源味本铺Original Cake Facebook page

Step 4:  Tag A Friend that you wish to bring along!

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“Fly Me To Taiwan” 《赢取两个人的豪华之旅》

步骤1 分享此帖子(帖子能在源味本铺Original Cake Facebook专页找到) 及告诉我们你喜欢《源味本铺Original Cake》的原因– “我喜欢Original Cake因为……” (不超过30个字)

步骤2 附上Hashtag #ILoveOriginalCake

步骤3 标签 “源味本铺Original Cake” Facebook 专页

步骤4: 标签一位你想一起去旅行的朋友!



**Winner get 2 tickets to Taiwan and visit Original Cake Taiwan (flagship outlet) in Taipei, Taiwan.

优胜者可获得两张往返台湾的机票,并参观Original Cake在台北的总行。

**Contest ends on Jan 31, 2018 and ONE lucky winner will be selected and to be announced on Feb 12, 2018.



Winner Trip’s Details:

  •   Two (2) round trip flight tickets to Taipei, Taiwan
  •   1-day Taipei Ground Tour (Tamsui Old Street (TW Original Cake flagship outlet),

    (MaoKong Taipei, National Palace Museum and Raohe Street Night Market)

** Travelling period between March 1 – April 15, 2018


  •   两张往返台湾的机票
  •   台北一日游(淡水老街-源味本铺Original Cake台湾总店), 台北猫空, 故宫博物院与饶河夜市

** 旅行日期必须在2018年3月1日到2018年4月15日期间

Terms & Conditions  条件与条规 :

  1. This campaign is organized by TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd (“TWOC”).
  2. This campaign is only open to Malaysian citizen aged 18 and above.
  3. The campaign period shall commence from January 1, 2018 to January 31, 2018.
  4. Only one (1) winner will be selected and announcement will be made on February 12, 2018 on TW Original Cake facebook’s fan page.
  5. Winner shall redeem the prize on or before February 28, 2018 by sending his/her personal details (i.e. full name, identity number, email address and phone number) to for TWOC’s verification.
  6. Prizes inclusive of: Two (2) round trip ticket (Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) – Taiwan (Tao Yuan Airport) & Taiwan (Tao Yuan Airport) – Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) and 1-day Taipei ground tour for two (2) persons (pre-planned Itinerary). No meals will be provided throughout the trip.
  7. In the event winner is uncontactable, ineligible or fails to submit the relevant information, or fails to pay the applicable taxes (if any) or fails to claim the prize within the stipulated time or it is found that the documents submitted appear to be false and fabricated or incomplete in any aspect, the prize shall stand forfeited and no redemption shall be allowed.
  8. The prize shall not be exchangeable, transferable and cannot be en-cashed under any circumstances or for whatsoever reason.
  9. The travelling period shall be within the period from March 1, 2018 until April 15, 2018. Any additional cost incurred as a result of any changes made by the winner shall not be borne by TWOC such as changes in name after issuance of ticket for the said tour and etc.
  10. The Winner shall be solely responsible for any other expense related to the acceptance of prize and TWOC shall not in any manner be liable or responsible for the same.
  11. Participant agrees that TWOC shall not be liable for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the contest or with the acceptance, possession, or use of any prize.
  12. By participating in this campaign, the participant hereby agree that TWOC may collect, obtain, store and process the participant’s personal data that provided in this campaign for receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing mail or materials from TWOC. You hereby give your consent to TWOC in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 to:-
  13. Store and process your personal data.
  14. Disclose your personal data to the relevant governmental authorities where required by law or for legal purpose.
  15. By participant in this campaign or acceptance of a prize constitutes permission to TWOC to use the winners’ names and/or photographs for publicity, advertising and/or trade marketing purposes without further compensation or notice.
  16. Entries that are lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, libelous, illegal, offensive, or otherwise contain inappropriate content or objectionable material should not be submitted and TWOC reserves the right to remove or demand the eligible participant to remove such entry at any time in the TWOC’s sole discretion.
  17. Participant represents and warrants that the entries shall not (i) violate the rights of any party including but not limited to the intellectual property rights; or (ii) contain anything which, if published, would adversely affect the reputation of TWOC.
  18. TWOC’s decision is final.
  19. Participation in the campaign implies that participant agrees to all Terms & Conditions of the Contest. Any participant found using any unfair means will be immediately disqualified.
  20. TWOC reserves the right to extend, modify or terminate this program with or without prior notice.
  21. TWOC reserves the right to change the above terms & conditions should it be deemed necessary with or without notice.


  1. 此竞赛是由TW Original Cake Sdn Bhd (”TWOC”)主办.
  2. 此竞赛开放给所有18岁及以上的马来西亚公民参加.
  3. 竞赛期是由从2018年1 月1日至2018年1 月31日.
  4. 此竞赛只会有一位优胜者. 优胜者将会在2018年2月12日公怖.
  5. 奖品必须在2018年2月28日前办领. 优胜者必须发送个人详细资料[姓名, 电子邮件地址,手提电话号码]给主办商 以供验证目的.
  6. 奖品包括: 两(2)张台北来回机票 (吉隆坡KLIA2 – 台湾桃园机场, 台湾桃园机场 –吉隆坡KLIA2). 台北一日游 -预先计划的行程表. 不包含餐饮.
  7. 如果主办当局无法联络优胜者或优胜者不符合资格,没有提交相关资料,或未能在规定的时间内支付任何的税款(如有)或未能在规定的时间内办领奖品,又或者所提交的文件似乎是虚假并且不完整的, 奖品将被没收, 任何上诉将不受理.
  8. 奖品不能与任何产品或物品交换, 不得转让, 在任何情况下都不能兑现成现金.
  9. 旅游期限限制于2018年3月1日至2018年4月15日期间. TWOC 不会承担任何由优胜者更改而导至的额外费用.
  10. 优胜者需独自负责任何与接受奖品有关的费用, TWOC 不会负责及承担任何的有关费用.
  11. 参赛者同意 TWOC 不会承担任何因比赛或接受奖项而引起的任何索赔, 费用, 伤害, 损失或损害的责任.
  12. 通过参加此活动, 您同意 TWOC 可以收集, 获取, 存储和处理您在本次活动中所提供的个人资料, 以便您能收到来自 TWOC 的更新, 新闻, 促销, 营销邮件或资料。您在此同意 TWOC 根据2010年个人资料保护法令:
  13. 存储和处理您的个人资料. b. 在法律要求或合法目的的情况下, 将您的个人资料披露给有关的政府部门.
  14. 通过参加此活动或接受奖品即表示您允许 TWOC 使用优胜者的姓名和/或照片进行宣传, 广告或营销用途, 而无需赔偿或预先通知优胜者.
  15. 参赛者不应提交任何猥亵, 淫秽, 色情, 色情, 诋毁, 诽谤, 非法, 冒犯性或其它含有不适当或不良的内容, TWOC 有权删除或要求参赛者删除此参赛作品.
  16. 参赛者声明并保证参赛作品不得(i)侵犯任何一方的权利, 包括与不限于知识产权; 或(ii)公布任何, 会对 TWOC 的声誉造成不利影响的事项或资料.
  17. 裁判的决定是最终的. 任何上诉将不会受理.
  18. 参与此竞赛意味着参赛者同意此竞赛的所有条件和条规.  任何人使用任何不公平手段将被立即取消参赛资格.
  19. TWOC 有权在不事先通知的情况下延长, 修改或终止此竞赛活动.
  20. 如有必要,  TWOC 有权在有或没有通知的情况下更改上述条款和条件.

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